4 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game in the New Year

4 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Understand Your Course

Course management is an essential tip to take on board if you wish to improve your score in 2022.

It is, essentially, getting to know the course you are playing as well as possible, understanding what it has in store for you and how to most efficiently overcome the obstacles presented to you during play. Course management suggests getting to know a course inside out, so that you can be prepared for anything it may have in store, thus allowing you to easily improve your score.

Course Management can help you avoid obstacles. Image from Pexels

Course Management can help you avoid obstacles. Image from Pexels

For example, are there water hazards on the course? Course management would suggest that, not only do you get an understanding of the size and scope of the water and how to best go about clearing it, but also consider the water in comparison to your previous shot.

If you hit your ball too far, it may get too close to the water, meaning any advantage you may have had from the extra distance is lost. Is it best to stop before the water and take an alternate path around it? Or do you want to get close to the water, and then try to cover it in one swing? These are the questions course management wants you to ask, to fully grasp and analyse the courses you are playing. 

Get The Basics Right

In our upcoming print issue, we were given the opportunity to speak with one of the UKs most renowned golf coaches, Daniel Grieve. His insights into the world of professional golf coaching is unparalleled, and he provides some great advice for aspiring golfers.

When we asked him for his advise, he said;

Get your basics right! If you put a bad swing on great basics it won’t be too bad, whereas you can put a great swing on bad basics and the ball can go anywhere!

It is simple advice, but essential advice nonetheless, and a great tip to take with you into the new year as you work to improve your game. For all the fancy tricks and expensive gear out there, there is little that can save your score if you do not have your basics down. The basics are essential, and are always worth practicing and revisiting, especially if you have found yourself at a standstill where your score is no longer improving.

Replace Old Gear

While picking up the newest and shiniest equipment on the market may not necessarily improve your swing, replacing old equipment that is past its time can.

Replacing old gear can help improve your golf game. Image from Pexels

Replacing old gear can help improve your golf game. Image from Pexels

For example, if you are using a golf ball that is damaged with cuts or dents, it should be replaced. It is not a case of vanity, but a legitimate issue that may be impacting your score on the green. Damaged golf balls are imperfect, with an uneven surface area and weight distribution. This can cause unprecedented drift, or make the ball harder to control; the last thing you need, especially if you are shooting over a long distance. Replace old, damaged equipment, and you should see your game improve immediately. 

Reignite Your Passion

Sometimes, our passion faltering for something you love can impact how you play. This should come as no surprise, as the less we care for something the less drive we have to succeed. However, for many last year and the year before, this faltering in passion was no fault of their own.

COVID-19 has left a devastating effect for many people and their mental health. The sadness many have felt, coupled with the isolation and closure of many golf grounds over the time of the pandemic has made many who previously loved golf now struggle to connect with it in the same way, due to the harsh circumstances we have endured.

So, use 2022 to reignite that passion. Take pictures of your favourite courses, show them to the world. Travel to that course you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Maybe try and see a professional game live

There are many ways to reignite a passion, all of which are guaranteed to improve your game on the green. So, get back out there this year, and remember the joy that golf is able to bring to us all. 



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