BIKE Photography Contest 2022’s Golfer Friendly Categories

Our big brother publication, BIKE Magazine, is currently running their annual photography contest, which encourages creativity and skill to take the best photos possible.

While primarily cycling themed, the competition offers a variety of categories where cycling is not the primary focus. Now boasting an impressive 14 categories, this expanded list has been designed with inclusivity in mind, giving photographers of all interests and specialties a chance at winning big. 

Categories include Sport, Nature, Architecture, and Open Theme, alongside other more cycling specific categories like Mountain Biking and Bikepacking. As such, these categories will be the focus of this article, showing YOU how to master the craft behind these categories. 

Sport Photography

The Sport category is one that focuses on athletes, on people that take their activity to the next level and show just how thrilling their sport is. Photographs in this category are set to dazzle judges, and show just what the possibilities are when you have a firm knowledge of your sport. 

For golfers, consider a ball being hit across a lake, the reflection captured in the water below. Or perhaps capturing a golfer mid swing, using prolonged exposure to visually demonstrate the power behind a swing. There are many options you can go with, all with the intention of showing the might and beauty of the sport of golf. 

Nature Photography

The Nature category is self explanatory; take the most stunning shots of the natural world that you can. 

Whether these are shots of animals in their natural habitat, or of a wondrous natural landscape, this category is one which any photographer, proficient on a bike or not, can participate in. Last year’s Nature category winner was Valerio Ferraro, with his series of incredible photographs capturing wild bears at Kurile Lake, in Kamchatka, Russia.  

'The Salmon War'. © Valerio Ferraro/ BIKE Magazine

‘The Salmon War’. © Valerio Ferraro/ BIKE Magazine

Nature photography requires patience. Waiting for an animal to look your way, a fish to break through the water, the sun to be in the perfect spot to illuminate a landscape. Nature does not play to a schedule, and capturing the perfect moment in nature is certainly a challenge. 

Why not snap a photo of the landscape of your favourite golf course, or the animals that wander around them? Some golf courses are home to animals as outlandish as reindeer, so we are sure that a photograph capturing the world’s natural beauty can be taken while you’re out on the green.

Architecture Photography

A new category for this year’s photography competition, this category encourages images of man-made design; cathedrals, vast cityscapes, ancient buildings from people long passed. 

Beautiful architecture can be found in every corner of the Earth. From the Taj Mahal in India, the Egyptian pyramids, to the Eiffel Tower in France, no matter where on Earth you are, there is architecture around you worthy of photographing. 

Photo winning architecture can also be found on the Golf court, with the range of stunning villas, resorts, and club houses that can be found attached to many courses. The Country Club in Massachusetts, or the Indian Creek in Florida are just two examples of renowned clubhouses where the winning Agriculture shot could be taken, but with the right photography know-how, any clubhouse could become a thing of architectural beauty.   

Open Theme 

The Open Theme is an elusive category, as it’s openness means that any image has the potential of winning the category.

A category brought over from last year’s competition, the winning photos from last year came from Dario Lo Presti, and his photograph entitled ‘La Vida es Como un Tango’

‘La Vida es Como un Tango’. © Dario Lo Presti/ BIKE Magazine

‘La Vida es Como un Tango’. © Dario Lo Presti/ BIKE Magazine

The photo portrays two people, most likely a couple, taking on the tango. The woman is smiling, delighted as the two of them take to the dancefloor, the moment captured with stunning precision in black and white. 

With that in mind, it is clear that anyone can win in this category, no matter their knowledge of bikes, or even sports for that matter. Let your creativity roam free and try to capture the best image possible, of whatever YOU think is material for a competition winning photograph. 

Not sure where to start? There are many articles online outlying tips and tricks to taking better photographs, as well as a variety of courses and tutorials dedicated to helping you hone your craft. Also keep your eye out for BIKE Magazines upcoming January issue, where they will be discussing their own advice on taking the perfect photograph. 

So, get your cameras ready and the creative juices flowing, because the deadline for entry to the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2022 is:

28th February 2022


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