5 Festive Courses Sure to Bring Christmas Cheer

It’s the festive season again, where we’re setting up our Christmas trees and scouring the shops for that perfect golfing gift

As an outdoor sport, golf and the Christmas season have never particularly mixed. Freezing temperatures, courses slippery with rain and ice? It is not ideal when so much precision is needed to make those perfect shots. 

However, there are many golfing spots that exist across the world which are perfect for the festive season, and should have a place on every golfer’s winter bucket list. 

Five Festive Spots All Golfers Will Love

Santa Claus Golf Club- Rovaniemi, Finland

The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi is known by many as the home of Santa Claus, and the epicentre of Christmas celebration. The area is known to provide a variety of activities for those invested in sport, such as those for cyclists, however it may come as a surprise that St. Nicholas has also created a festive gift for golfers too. 

The Santa Claus Golf Club is a spectacle any time of the year, and that’s not just because guests can catch St. Nick himself going up to putt. Expect picturesque landscapes during the snowy winter months, and in summer, when the sun never sets, expect to see reindeer grazing across the course’s lush greenery. 

What other golf course can say it’s home to Santa Claus’ very own reindeer?

Lofoten Links- Gimsøysand, Norway

Aside from visiting Lapland, another big bucket list item for many is the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Bright, swirling colours that paint the night sky on rare winter nights, with their likelihood of appearing at its highest in cold locations like Alaska and Scandinavia. Lofoten Links is therefore one of the only golf courses in the world where you have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights for yourself. 

Aurora Borealis in Lofoten, Norway. © Alex Berger/ Flickr

Aurora Borealis in Lofoten, Norway. © Alex Berger/ Flickr

The Aurora Borealis is a winter spectacle. To be able to bear witness to one of the natural world’s most mesmerising sights, while also being able to play the game that you love, is not something to be missed. So book your round on the green, and give yourself the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. 


Fancy going somewhere hot to play your round of golf this festive season? Then look no further than Mauritius

With many resorts to choose from, such as Constance Belle Mare Plage and Anahita Golf & Spa Resort, these destinations offer lavish hotels and beautiful green courses, all while boasting average temperatures of 28’C in the middle of winter.

Mauritius beach palm. © Pixabay

Mauritius beach palm. © Pixabay

The island is abundant with breathtaking sandy beaches, crystal clear oceans, and an array of award winning courses. A break from the harsh cold of winter, if you are looking for something luxurious this Christmas, Mauritius is the destination for you. 

Mount Snow Golf Club- Vermont, USA

Mount Snow Golf Club is a gorgeous golf course in south Vermont, based on Mount Snow, formally Mount Pisgah. 

While primarily settled as a ski resort, the resort also offers a luxurious getaway for golfers in the summer months when the snow has melted away. While not in it’s festive season, the beauty of the mountainside is nothing to be scoffed at, with the greenery and landscaping making this a destination that every golf enthusiast should visit. 


Another alternative sunny spot to get away to this festive season is Tenerife. 

With average temperatures of 23’C the year over, expect warm weather and a slew of awe-inspiring courses, including the 27 hole course at Costa Adeje Golf, and the phenomenal Las Madrigueras Golf Resort & Spa, situated at a stunning 5-star hotel. 

The island offers golfing experiences for players of all budgets and golfing experience, making the island an accessible option for all. Attend golf courses, or book an all-inclusive stay at one of the island’s many hotels and spas, and spend the festive season in the sunshine while taking on the green. 

The island also offers many activities outside of golfing, including world famous nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches. Take a break from the holes with an ice cold drink along the coastline, or treat yourself to a bombastic night out with the island’s many restaurants, bars, and clubs.


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