Walt Disney World Golf Course is Where Golfers Dreams Come True

Walt Disney, fast-food chains, and Hollywood movies are all world renowned aspects of modern America.

But aside from this, the USA is also renowned for being home to some of the worlds best golf getaways, from the frosty peaks of the Mount Snow Golf Club in Vermont, to the picturesque clubhouses of the Indian Creek in Florida.

As one of the largest and richest countries in the world, it is no surprise the USA has many phenomenal golf courses and destinations on offer. Though one of the country’s best, you may be surprised, is actually owned by the Walt Disney Company itself.

Walt Disney World Golf

Located just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Walt Disney World Resort, this golf course is truly unique in the world of luxury golf experiences. Combining the elegance of traditional championship golf resorts with a touch of Disney magic, this resort is perfect for anyone of any age, with courses suited to all ages and abilities. 

The location consists of four courses; The Palm Golf Course, The Magnolia Golf Course, The Lake Buena Vista Golf Course, and The Oak Trail Golf Course. 

The courses are full of adorable Disney iconography, from Mickey Mouse shaped course markers, to clubhouses and bridges painted like something from a classic fairytale. Keep your eyes peeled for Mickey Mouse shaped sand bunkers, signs adorned with Disney characters, and even Mickey Mouse themed golf carts. The courses ooze Disney magic, while also remaining a refined, luxury golf experience.

Walt Disney World Golf. Image from Your Golf Travel

Walt Disney World Golf. Image from Your Golf Travel

The courses here are idyllic, with pristinely kept grass and stunning water landscaping. Each course utilises the natural beauty of Florida, while also all holding their own distinct personalities certain to make each their own memorable experience. 

Disney’s Palm Golf Course

Disney’s Palm Golf Course, which was redesigned in 2013 by renowned golf star Arnold Palmer and his company, is an 18-hole course that has been the host to many world renowned golfing events, including the PGA Tour itself. 

The Course is aptly named for the beautiful palm trees that are scattered along the course, beside clear lakes and warm sands. These lakes provide an exciting challenge for skilled and new players alike, and are some of the most picturesque lakes that can be found on an American golf course. 

The course is quintessentially Floridian, with the palm trees against the warm sun, and the potential of seeing wildlife including crocodiles in those magnificent lakes. So make sure you aim your shots over the water well, because it’s doubtful you will be getting your golf balls back. 

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

The longest of the four Walt Disney World Golf courses, The Magnolia Golf Course is named after the abundant magnolia trees that grow across the grounds.

Having been renovated in 2015, the course is better than ever, with challenging water hazards and bunkers making for an unforgettable challenge sure to test as much as captivate players.

Enjoy your time amongst the masterfully kept trees, bright grass, and gorgeous Florida weather, and take on one of the best courses the US golfing industry has to offer. 

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

Like its counterparts, The Buena Vista Golf Course is a prestigious course, having been the host of USGA events, amongst others. Despite this, the course’s design is almost whimsical, having been designed to resemble a vintage country-club, with its pastel villas and pine forests. The view brings to mind classic images from Disney’s own animation catalogue, creating a dreamy aesthetic that alongside the beautiful course makes it seem almost unbelievable. 

Walt Disney World Golf, Orlando. Image from Your Golf Travel.

Walt Disney World Golf, Orlando. Image from Your Golf Travel.

Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

The Oak Trail Golf Course is unique amongst its peers, as as well as being a beautifully kept 9-hole course, it is also a wildlife reserve.

Deemed a Cooperative Wildlife Sanctuary by Audubon International, the course encourages you to take your time and enjoy the unique atmosphere, to look around and see what wonders you can spot. Expect to see families of wild deer wandering the luscious greenery, making for a magical experience that could only be felt in a place like Disney World. 

The course is aimed primarily at younger golfers, making it ideal for families wanting to spend a day out on the green while also being in with a chance of encountering some of the course’s animal inhabitants. 


All of this and more are available at Walt Disney World Golf, and for tickets including flights and lodging for as low as £895 p.p., this trip is guaranteed to delight, and bring out the inner child in any golf enthusiast.



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