The Essential Beginners Golf Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, New Years is now quickly approaching. And that means New Year’s resolutions. 

For some, that New Year’s resolution will be picking up golf for the first time. But, with so much know-how involved, it can be daunting for beginners to get into the sport. What clubs do I need to bring? How can I predict my swing? Am I allowed to wear my trainers to the course? 

Therefore, we have put together this handy beginners guide, to help players eager to give golf a try in 2022.  

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Know Your Equipment

As with any sport, the most important first step to getting stuck into a sport is knowing what gear you need, and the gear that is best for you. For golfers, this will be your clubs and your balls.

There is a huge range of clubs to choose from out there, but this is not something to be intimidated by. Start off with the most essential clubs, and add more to your arsenal as you play and build an understanding of the types of clubs you need. 

Beginners Golf Clubs. Image from Pexels

Beginners Golf Clubs. Image from Pexels

There are countless sources online suggesting the best clubs for beginners, but in general, the clubs you will need at the start of your golf journey are usually quoted as:

  • A Driver
  • A Putter
  • A Pitching Wedge
  • A Sand Wedge
  • A Six Iron
  • An Eight Iron
  • A Fairway Wood/Hybrid 

Test out different clubs that fall into these various categories and find out which work best for you. 

For beginners, it is suggested that your best option when it comes to golf balls is to buy cheaper, bulk sets of balls. As a beginner to the sport, it is likely your golf balls will get lost, whether that be by hitting them into a water hazard or losing them amongst the trees and bushes of your local course. Get balls that you can afford to lose, and upgrade to more expensive, professional balls once you have improved your swing. 

Putting Down a Golf Ball. Image from Pexels

Putting Down a Golf Ball. Image from Pexels

How to Play

Next up, is learning how to play; or more specifically, how you want to learn to play. Is your aim to play golf professionally, or will it just be a hobby?

If golf is something you want to get into for fun, learn to play amongst friends, and people who make playing fun for you. When you play with friends, the goal is often not to be the best player you can be, but to simply enjoy the sport and the social aspects that come along with it. Friends aren’t likely to critique your swings, or fuss over rules, so while you may not improve, you will at least enjoy the game. 

If you want to take things more seriously however, consider getting in contact with a coach, or reaching out to professional players for advice and tips. Book in to beginners classes, go to training sessions, and get involved with the resources available to you 

Taking this more serious route is the quickest way to improve your game, while also giving you the opportunity to meet new people that may give you access to the professional golfing scene. If golf is something you want to take seriously, and potentially make a career out of, this method of learning will be the right one for you.

Of course, how you learn is completely up to you, and how seriously you want to take your play is your decision. Customise your learning experience to be one that suits you. 

The Rules

Another important aspect of learning how to play golf is learning the rules. 

There are a plethora of rules to golf, though as a beginner to the sport, these are rules you are most likely to learn as you play. Knowing if you can move your ball, or how long you can take to take your shot, are all things learnt on the green, however 

Depending on who you’re playing with will also affect your adherence to the rules. If you are playing with friends, most likely there will be some leniency with the rules and what you can get away with. If you’re playing with someone you don’t know however, or are playing in a more serious setting, sticking to the rules will be far more important. The last thing you would want is to be branded a cheater. 

Dress Code 

Fashion on the golf course has a long, rich history, with a unique look of polo shirts, chinos, and golf caps in the modern era. When getting into golf, having attire suitable for the course is important, as while some courses allow for casual dress, others will require appropriate golf attire. 

Man and Woman on Golf Course. Image from Pexels.

Man and Woman on Golf Course. Image from Pexels.

Do some research into contemporary looks, and find an outfit that you like. One that is unique to you, and makes you feel like a true golfer. Use celebrity golfers as a starting point of influence, and use sites like Pinterest to gather ideas before committing to your look.


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