2022 is Your Year for Important New Beginnings

2022 is finally upon us, and with a new year, comes new opportunities. For golfers, those opportunities may come in the form of lowering your golf score, travelling to your dream course, or even just getting your hands on that new golf club you’ve wanted.

Happy New Year 2022. Image from Pixabay

Happy New Year 2022. Image from Pixabay

But, the new year is also a chance to set yourself new resolutions, and get into routines that will help not only yourself but those around you. Therefore, we have compiled a guide of three things you can do not only to improve your golf game, but to improve yourself, in 2022. 

Three Golf Resolutions for 2022

Serve Others More

In a piece from Katie Diana, she suggests serving others more as a resolution to undertake in 2022. This resolution is a simple one, yet also one we must actively work on, to be kind and put others before ourselves in order to feel good and create positivity in our environments.

We often write of the luxury golf getaways that can be found across the world in our articles, but these locations often make for excellent spots to serve others and express your gratitude. 

Keep Your Hotel Room Clean in 2022. Image from Pexels

Keep Your Hotel Room Clean in 2022. Image from Pexels

If you are travelling to a far off location in 2022, be willing to experience the culture, and be grateful for the experiences being provided to you even if they are not something you fully grasp. When you are staying at a golf courts luxury hotel, keep your room tidy, and fold your sheets before you leave. And on the course, be willing to let others swing first, and do your part to keep the courts tidy and litter free. It will certainly be appreciated by the groundskeepers and staff.


Another good deed to participate in in 2022 is volunteering. An article from Indeed places this idea in it’s top 15 new years goals, and it is understandable why. Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to your community, while also giving you the opportunity to create changes for good.

Man wearing 'Volunteer' shirt. Image from Pexels

Man wearing ‘Volunteer’ shirt. Image from Pexels

While there are charities and volunteering opportunities available for all kinds of causes, there are a few specifically revolving around golf. The Golf Trust, for example, is a charity with the goal to bring the joys of golf to those who may not have immediate access to it. They hold sports days for children at schools and in public spaces, as well as days for those with disabilities and those living in impoverished areas. 

Golf is a fantastic sport, and one that anyone should be given the opportunity to play and be inspired by. As stated on their website, The Golf Trusts goal is to ‘remove barriers, promote golf, and engage people’; a goal they are on their way to achieving, having had more than 250,000 children come through their program and experience the magic of golf. 

Keep A Sports Journal

The trend of Bullet Journaling is one that has become massive over the past few years. Nicely decorated, well organised diaries put together to help people keep track of aspects of their lives including sleep schedules, deadlines, and habits. These journals are completely customisable, and can be designed in any way to best help you keep track of the things that are important to you, and can help to encourage routines and habits.

Sport bullet journaling, therefore, is a fantastic habit for golfers to pick up in 2022. Whether you want to keep track of your par or your scores on certain courses, or make lists of the courses you want to visit and equipment you want to buy, keeping this information logged in a bullet journal will massively help in keeping track of your growth as a golfer in 2022. 

You can also expand on this idea, and use your journal for other forms of self-improvement. Keep track of how much water you drink to make sure you drink enough, or schedule in time to help others, such as through volunteering and charity work. Having your goals written on paper makes them far more tangible, and therefore more likely to be something you follow.


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