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GLOBALLS New Aquatica Course Will Delight Golfers of All Ages

GLOBALLS Brighton opened their newest course, the Aquatica, to the public on the 1st December 2021.

GLOBALLS is an indoor golf and activity venue designed to delight and excite visitors of all ages, with its brightly coloured courses and unforgettable designs. 

GLOBALLS Brighton Aquatica Course Octopus

GLOBALLS Brighton Aquatica Course Octopus

This one of a kind location can be found at the Brighton Marina Village, a spot tucked away from the central seaside city with its own free nine story car park, cinema, shops, and a variety of restaurants with something for everyone. It is an excellent spot for a day or evening out, with GLOBALLS being one of the village’s must-see locations.

The venues newest course, the Aquatica, was opened to the public earlier this month. The course is a dreamscape of neon patterns and marine life décor set across 12 exciting holes, and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take a look around the course myself. This brand-new course carries on GLOBALLS established aesthetic whilst also being wholly its own, with a unique atmosphere and aesthetic perfectly fitting for its coastal location. 

I was also given the opportunity to talk with GLOBALL’s Business Development Manager, Hannah, about her thoughts on the venue.

What makes GLOBALLS Brighton unique? 

Hannah: GLOBALLS is the first UV minigolf venue. We have inspired others, but we were the first! Everything we have is bespoke and created just for us, there is nothing inside which is “off the shelf”. The courses have all been designed and built in-house and the artwork has been done by local Brighton artists. We are completely unique and proud to be different! Our music playlists have been carefully planned, to really inspire the atmosphere of the theme and we even have smell machines to create a fully immersive experience!

If someone is coming to GLOBALLS for the first time, what should they expect? 

H: Definitely the unexpected – this isn’t mini-golf like you’ve seen before. Think floating sea creatures, rainbow dinosaurs and a life-size elephant, great white shark amongst others! We have also recently opened our very own glow-in-the-dark cocktail bar, which opens from 6pm weekdays and all day on weekends! This makes GLOBALLS perfect for friends, dates, and families.

Dinosaur from GLOBALLS Jurassic Course. Image from GLOBALLS

Dinosaur from GLOBALLS Jurassic Course. Image from GLOBALLS

Which is your favourite part of the course? 

H: My favourite part is the shark hole on Aquatica. I love that the holes are slightly more challenging than our other courses, but still fun enough for children. I love that you can take such great photos here, as there are so many Instagram opportunities!

Image of the Shark Hole.

Image of the Shark Hole.

And don’t just take Hannah’s word for it. The Aquatica course is certainly a thing of beauty, with phenomenal artistry and creativity behind it with plenty of phenomenal photography opportunities

The course starts with a hole in the wall you must putt your ball through, before you must take a slide down into the course proper to meet it on the other side. Taking the slide makes you feel as though you have been transported to an entirely different world, like Alice falling down the rabbit-hole into Wonderland, as you find yourself now enveloped by the GLOBALLS Aquatica course. 

Immediately, the venues UV colour scheme makes you feel like you are in an entirely different world. With thematic music and a smell of peppermint drifting in the air the Aquatica course immediately captivates all of your senses, for an immersive experience unlike any other.  



Each course has been uniquely designed, each providing their own challenges and visuals within the course’s aesthetics. One hole is designed around the aforementioned neon shark, with UV paintings decorating the walls, while a wall painting of Poseidon, complete with ancient Greek style pillars, watches over another. And that isn’t even mentioning the hole with its own ball pit. 

Video of the GLOBALLS Ball Pit

For families, or for adults, there is something to enjoy on the Aquatica course. GLOBALLS have created holes that are accessible to people of all ages, whilst also keeping them challenging enough to keep things fun. The visuals in the course are also ones able to be enjoyed by people of all ages, with the fun colourful sea animals being great for the kids, and the neon wall murals being excellent spots for photos for the adults. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the GLOBALLS website at for more information, or book your slot online to give their brand-new Aquatica course a try!


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