4 Tips To Brave The Cold This Winter

Do winter with confidence this year.

This weather can be tough on us all, even indoors can start to feel like the freezer aisle of your local grocery shop. But for those of us that are brave enough to face the cold and head out for a leisurely game, here’s a handy survival guide to ensure you’re ready and able to enjoy yourself this winter.

1. Grab your waterproofs

Nothing puts you off being outdoors more than the cold wet weather that unfortunately happens to be a mainstay in our climate and let’s face it we’ve all come home in clothes that could easily suggest we’ve spent the day swimming. Out on the course is no different and therefore a pair of waterproof slacks is a must this time of year. These won’t only keep you dry, but will also prevent your fancy club gear from accumulating an undesirable coating of mud along the way. These will also add another layer to your outfit to keep out the cold, and with some even offering fleece-lined pockets, it’s easy to keep your hands warm this winter as well.

Golf in rain

Golf in rain

While a waterproof jacket may seem like a given when we think of the rain. It’s surprising how difficult it can be to play golf in the heavy jackets we were every day. There are many options to choose from in terms of buying new jackets with many now being made from lightweight fabrics allowing for more flexibility and movement.

One thing we’ve all been guilty of forgetting at least once when the heavens have opened is the trusty umbrella. The first and possibly most effective line of defence in staying dry. This underappreciated gadget is also useful for keeping the other pieces of your kit dry too.

2. Layer up

No matter where you are this time of year it’s important to layer up and it’s the same when out on the course with both base and mid-layers coming in handy. A base layer is typically formed of a super-tight fabric which is said to increase the blood flow to the muscles but there are some looser fits available. Whichever fit you prefer, almost all will offer a roll neck style fit to ensure extra warmth.

For the mid-layer, items are often selected on either warmth or their performance during wet weather, however, it can be difficult to decide as the range available is almost endless. It’s important to be comfortable in the way it feels when you swing, it would ideally feel snug to eliminate any excess material getting in the way without feeling overly tight.

3. Cover the rest

While some slacks are equipped with fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm between shots. Even the best of players would struggle to play with their hands in their pockets. That’s why it’s essential to take at least one pair of gloves out on the course with you, whether it’s rain gloves or winter mittens. While mittens aren’t ideal when it comes to taking shots they are helpful at storing hand warmers to provide that extra bit of warmth on the coldest days. All-weather gloves make for the most practical solution as they offer both warmth and practicality.

Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves

Most golfers will wear some form of a hat as part of their normal attire and most of us will adopt a wooly hat into our winter wardrobe, and the same goes for golfers. However, golf-specific wooly hats tend to be much softer than those you’d find on the high street.

4. Gear Up

Even the most essential items in golf need to be adapted to suit the weather. It’s not only the player whose game will be affected by the climate. Your trolley will benefit from a specific pair of wheels for trekking across the muddy course and the switch to a brighter yellow ball will help you play on the darker afternoons (or in the snow). Perhaps considering a switch to a more durable distance ball would benefit you in the colder conditions.


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