Traveling for Golf During Covid in 2021

Traveling for Golf During Covid

During the pandemic, a lot of travellers have given up their vacation. Most of it got canceled. But if you’ve gotten sick from playing on some of the best golf simulators, then But a lot of countries get excited, because some countries are starting to loosen their restrictions. Travellers are now started to get back on their feet and slowly getting back to their favourite activities. But of course, to ensure everyone’s safety, strict hygiene protocol becomes a new norm.

If you want to travel for golf, then Mexico should be top of your list. With the loose restrictions there, Mexico has become one of the popular destinations, especially with US citizens looking forward to playing golf and plan their vacation. It is one of the most sought-after premier golf destinations by American and other international golfers around the globe. There are a lot of beautiful places for a great getaway during these crazy times!

If you are planning to have a vacation in Mexico, now is the right time. Flights are incredibly cheap, and some golf courses extend their discounted summer rates. The top golf destinations like Los Cabos and Riviera Maya are not as crowded as they would usually be. Guests are also provided with top-notch service. 

How’s golfing in Mexico now?

Mexico has been a hotspot for Americans when it comes to golfing vacations. Although they are relaxing with their restrictions, travellers must complete a health declaration form, and proper hygiene is still needed to be followed. 

Top destinations are now opening their doors again. They are improving when it comes to promoting safety for their golfers. They are ready to welcome golfers back. They implemented several hygiene protocols to ensure golfers’ safety. Staff is required to wear masks, and golfers are encouraged to do as well. Everything should be disinfected multiple times per day. All equipment that golfers can be in contact with, like golf carts, should be thoroughly disinfected as well.

If you are curious about how Mexico is dealing with Covid19, here are some of the safety health protocols that Resorts and Golf club courses are implementing.

1. Temperature Check

This is the new normal. The guest temperature is checked, like in Las Hadas; this is one of their safety standards. No worries, resorts are ready for this scenario. They have a separate room in which you will be taken care of to ensure that you are okay without feeling your privacy is compromised.

2. Limited people allowed on the driving range.

To ensure everyone’s safety and ensure social distancing, there are limits to how many people are allowed on the driving range. Like in Las Hadas, only five people are allowed. However, it is much stricter with PGA Riviera Maya, where only four people are allowed to play golf.

3. Extended Summer Packages Discounts

To attract more tourists, some golf courses extended their summer discounts. They offer great packages like the Mexican Caribbean coast in which they offer a new 5 star and play golf package.

4. Full Disinfection

All things that came in contact with the golfers should be fully disinfected. In fact, it is disinfected multiple times a day. Like for example, the golf cart. After using, it needs to be thoroughly disinfected before the next golfers can use it. Tags are being attached to the golf cart to show that they are now good to use again.

5. Staggered Tee time

This is the new protocol for golfing. Staggering time to help support social distancing. For Rancho San Lucas, for instance, wherein they are required to have a 15-minute tee-off time.

There are still some golf courses that still do not operate to their full capacity. In fact, some of it required you to be in your golf outfit before coming to the golf course. Some clubhouses are still close, so you better be in your golfing attire before going to the course.

Unlike any other sports, golfing experience hasn’t changed much. There seems to be no change when it comes to golfing experience. Golfing is an outdoor activity and is played in an open and vast area with a scenic view.

Top 3 Golf Destinations for your Golf travel and Vacation.

Golf resorts and courses are ready for the arrival of guests and golf enthusiasts. If you want to know the top 3 places that you should be right now, no worries, we are here to help you. Here are the top 3 golf destinations that are ready to help you swing your golf club again safely.



1. PGA Riviera Maya by Bahia Principe

PGA Riviera Maya has an incredible landscape work. It made it to the list of the Digest magazine as the best resort in Mexico. The design successfully integrates nature’s natural wonders. Its resort and golf courses are excited to let their guests have a fantastic vacation. They also followed strict hygiene protocol to help keep their visitors safe. PGA Riviera is one of the golf courses that does not open its clubhouses yet. So don’t forget to wear your golfing outfit before leaving.

2. Quivira Los Cabos Golf Club

Dazzling and breathtaking, the word that best describes this golf course. Vote as one of the 100 greatest golf courses by Golf Digest. The golf course offers a picturesque view of the ocean. Due to Covid-19, Quivira Golf Club released few guidelines. To make sure that proper distancing is followed, Quivira only allowed four guests at a time into their Pro Shop. Guests are also given the freedom to ride alone if it’s what they wish for.  During play, brakes on the sand trap are not allowed.

3. TPC Danzante Bay at Loreto

TPC Dante Bay at Loreto is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. The golf course is indeed magnificent. The view of the golf course and the ocean nearby is breathtaking. You can see a lot of photographers taking a photo of its scenic view. To entice more golfers, TPC Danzante Bay offers golf packages. It’s hard to resist their offers. TPC is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family and kids, this golf course is worth checking for.

Is there still a country that banned golf?

Although many countries are now allowing travellers to enjoy playing golf, there are still countries in lockdown, and golfing is still not allowed. England is still on alert level 4 because the rising level of transmission is high. Despite the protest of golfers, golfing is still not allowed both in Wales and England and there’s no end in sight for now.

By Denny Putsh

Denny Putsh

Denny Putsh

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