Golf Gambling and the Digital Revolution

In recent years, there has been a rising demand for Pro Golf gambling services.

Many of the biggest professional golfing tournaments offer legal gambling and betting services, including the US Open and PGA Championship, however in recent years, the number of people participating in this aspect of the sport have risen exponentially.

But, what has caused this spike in interest, in Pro Golf gambling specifically? The answer lies, most obviously, in advancements in betting technology.

Golf Gambling Goes Online

One of the biggest reasons this interest in professional golf gambling has risen is due to the Internet, and the digital betting services which have been made available.

Before the days of the world wide web, bets had to be made in person, or through a bookie. The image of someone hunched over a desk, glued to their television while furiously scribbling out the names of lost bets in a newspaper is one solidified by pop culture, and for a long time, was the way people gambled. 

Going to the event yourself, or visiting a high street betting agency like Betfred or William Hill was the primary way of making bets, and as such, was not as easily accessible. Not everyone could afford to visit events, or pay a bookie, or have the time to visit a venue to place their bets and watch events take place. 

Match Gambling on Laptop. From Flickr

Match Gambling on Laptop. From Flickr

Now, companies and sites are offering the opportunity to make your bets from the comfort of your own home, having gone digital like many other businesses in the 21st Century. Access to gambing websites and apps has made betting easier than ever, and has particularly helped increase the popularity of betting on Pro Golf.

Mobile Golf Gambling 

Particularly, golf gambling has become a popular choice for many due to going mobile.

Photo by Gibson G. Wairagu from Pexels

Photo by Gibson G. Wairagu from Pexels

Most industries have begun utilising the technology of the modern smartphone to reach customers. Many golfing games have gone mobile, and now, so too has golf betting.

Mobile betting offers many benefits, some of which are particularly beneficial to golf betters, which may help explain its current rise in popularity. 

Mobile betting lets you make bets from anywhere in the world, meaning no matter what, access to place bets is there. You can be out sailing, on a rural mountain hike, or even be in the office, but with an Internet connection you can feel like you’re in the game, placing your bets and never missing a minute. 

Furthermore, live streams of golfing tournaments are also available through many applications, allowing betters to watch the action unfold in real time. Mobile apps can allow you to watch the game, make or take out bets, and be fully immersed in the competition, no matter your circumstance.

Modern Golf Gambling Offers Variety

With the advent of the Internet, and the manpower behind many big betting companies, the variety of choices on what bets someone wants to make on a golfing game has vastly broadened.

While betting on the winner is certainly an option, many mobile and digital online betting services offer a slew of alternatives, for gamblers to test their luck and be in with a chance of winning big. Lost your bet on the winning golfer? No problem. Why not try making a head-to-head bet, or three-ball bet instead? 

This variety explains a reason for the increased demand for Pro Golf betting, as it allows new opportunities to make bets, ways to try differently, and a unique selling point designed to get users hooked. Combined with access to live streams and easy interfaces to tap in or out of bets, golf gambling has never been so accessible. It is truly a golf gambling revolution. 


It is important to remember, however, that betting should be done responsibly. Mobile apps are designed to keep you hooked, to keep you using as long as possible and mobile betting apps are no different. Combined with the fact that these mobile apps use digital payments rather than cash can make over-spending a dangerous reality, and something you may not even realise you are doing.

So think, and be safe out there. 

Gamble Responsibly.


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