5 Signs That It Is Time To Buy New Golf Clubs

5 Signs That It Is Time To Buy New Golf Clubs

It would be quite an expensive endeavor to buy new clubs every time new (and “better”) equipment hits the market. You’d also only see marginal gains from your equipment year-over-year, so it may not be the best use of your money. On the flip side, however, if you let years and decades pass without upgrading equipment, you’re undoubtedly missing out on improved technology that could help your scores.

1) Too much spin

Whether it’s with your driver or irons, having too much spin on your golf ball during flight can have negative effects. Launching the ball high can be helpful, but too much spin will make the ball balloon in the air, losing distance and control in the wind.

2) Not enough height

Do your drives barely get off the ground, with more of a line-drive flight than a towering moon shot? Are your irons hitting the greens and bounding over the back?

3) Your playing partners are passing you by

If you’ve been playing with a regular foursome for years and you’ve noticed they recently started passing you by in distance, there could be a reason for that.

4) Poor divot pattern

Do your iron divots look like you tried digging your way to the Earth’s core? Generally speaking, iron divots should resemble the size of dollar bills. Nice and thin pieces of grass should fly through the air after impact, not large bricks of sod.

5) Wear and tear is beyond repair

If your grip is coming apart, that isn’t a huge concern. Just get your club re-gripped! If there’s a cosmetic issue with your clubs, that isn’t a big issue either; it probably isn’t affecting performance much, if at all. But, if there’s a big problem with your club head, you should think about an upgrade.


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